Fine Art by 

Theresa Otteson

Here are the first two hollyhock paintings. The third is almost finished.

As I've been working on these paintings a song from my childhood occasionally runs through my head. I can only remember the first four phrases, "In my pretty garden the flowers are nodding, how do you do they say, how do you do today." I think these will break down to become the titles of the four paintings.

  • I begin by blocking in the general colors and values (lights and darks) that I see.

  • Working from dark  values to light, I refine the painting by adding layers that show more and more detail.

  • I end with the smallest details and the greatest lights.

I've started a series of 4 hollyhock paintings, all 24 inches tall by 10 inches wide. The photograph I used for the first painting is shown on the left just below. To create a better composition and a more dramatic look, I took out the trees in the background and some of the flowers leaves. I filled in with  more sky in order to show off the flowers and create a more dramatic look. The second image shows me beginning the painting.

My current project ......  Check back for progress updates.